Built Environment Education: Guba Anna – Pataky Gabriella – Tóth Eszter (2017): Épített környezeti nevelés az óvodában. 


Built Environment Education: Guba Anna – Pataky Gabriella – Tóth Eszter (2017): Épített környezeti nevelés az óvodában. Magyar Építész Kamara, kultúrAktív, Budapest-Pécs. ISBN 978-963-89794-4-5

In this publication we are exploring a new, transdisciplinary but less travelled field, linked strongly to visual education: Built Environment Education with strong connections with our InSEA goals. This area was introduced in our ELTE TÓK Visual Education Department first in Hungary, making us the pioneers.

What will the reader find in this publication? The first part of this volume introduces the theory of built environment education, and the particular goals, content, and relevance of this pedagogical area, among other aspects. What is the built environment, why is it important to engage with it, and how can we sensibilise children to it? These are the fundamental questions for which we seek answers in the first chapter. In the second section of the volume, we discuss the connection between built environment education and the kindergarten. We offer a survey of built environment education exercises: how and in what framework does and can the architectural content appear in the course of kindergarten activities? The volume’s third part is a repertory of thematically constructed methods. It contains those exercises and play plans, worked out in detail and tested, which can be flexibly be applied in kindergarten practice. The reader will find the exercises embedded in theme weeks; in this way the store of examples can help with the planning of everything from one-time activities to complete theme weeks.The publication is in the first place recommended for those kindergartens and elementary school teachers, institutions, and organisations who would like to give architecture more of a presence in their professional mission. The publication can also be useful for those parents and teachers who undertake the discovery of the built environment together with the children.


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