Call for the International Journal for Education through Art (IJETA) –Special Issue – Visual Literacy

Call for the International Journal for Education through Art (IJETA) –Special Issue: A Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy (based on the project The Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy – CEFR-VL)

Guest editors: Andrea Kárpáti, Diederik Schönau, and Ernst Wagner

The purpose of this issue

  • Sharing the visual literacy framework in the international professional community through comparative studies and expert comments
  • Discussion of research based on the volume of studies on the framework
  • Specific examples, elaborations, new research and visual essays

You are hereby invited to contribute to this part of the issue, to give your opinion and respond to this framework as published in 2016. Please read the CEFR-VL text for review and comment!
(URL as text:

Guiding questions:

Assessment of the framework

  • What is your general evaluation of the framework? Is it a positive development in the profession? Is it unclear or debatable?
    This relates to: the definition of the domain of Visual Literacy, competency as an educational concept, sixteen sub-competencies and their levels, the concept of metacognition in art education, educational situations
  • Could the approach to the domain of Visual Literacy as it is presented in the CEFR-VL be a desirable universal approach in education?
    Is it helpful to face upcoming challenges of art education in your country, and of education in general? (Why or why not?)

Relevance of the framework for the country/region of the contributors

  • In what way does the approach used in the framework fit – or does not fit – the educational situation and debate in your country/region?
  • Which (type) of the goals and sub-competencies of CEFR-VL are addressed in art education practice in your region/country? Which ones are most important and which are less relevant? (Option: Ranking list, following the list of sub-competencies of the CEFR-VL)
  • Could some aspects be adopted in your country/region? If yes, which are the greatest potentials in respect to your country/region? In what way is the model a potential instrument to start regional discussions and curriculum reforms in the domain of Visual Literacy?
  • In what way could the CEFR-VL be improved through educational experiences, research results, innovative ideas and traditions in your country/region?

The special issue will also include a summary about the Implementation of the framework and follow-up.

Length of your contribution: 3000 – 4500 words
Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2018. All enquiries should be addressed to the editor at Only online submissions will be accepted, please follow author guidelines at Questions about the call should be addressed to Andrea Kárpáti,

This volume of studies presents the CEFR-VL: Schönau, D. & Wagner, E. Hrsg.: Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Visual Literacy – Prototyp. Münster-New York: Waxmann Verlag, 211-245. ISBN: 978-3-8309-3428-8 Abstract:


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