Advocacy Letters

From InSEA to the Brazilian Ministry of Education, November 2016/carta da InSEA para o governo do Brasil  10-11-2016( Ministério da Educação) (PT)

Letter from InSEA to the European Parliament: Lisbon letter , 17-11-2015

InSEA Response to 2016 Education Report Consultation (04-02-2014) : Read here

These letters endorse the standpoints of  arts teachers who share a commitment to include the arts as a vital part of all education reforms.

Letter supporting the  proposal for  art education in Chilean  schools from Agrupación Nacional de Directores de Escuelas Artísticas de Chile (ANDEA). InSEA, August 2014.

Letter supporting visual arts in Croatian schools . InSEA, August, 2014.

Letter from InSEA to the English  Education Secretary , November 2014


Letters to the Chilean Ministry of Education :

2012: chile-insea-letter-2012/  insea-advocacy-letterto-chilean-government-2012  (SP) , 2014: insealettertochile2014 (EN)





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