Kauppinen, Heta, Ed.; Diket, Read,Ed. (1995).Trends in Art Education from Diverse Cultures.

.National Art Education Association, 1916 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091.
Publication Date: 1995
Pages: 209
ISBN: ISBN-0-937652-79-2
This anthology brings together art educators from 21 countries to provide information about the past record of art education along with recent developments and future prospects. In “Part I: Historical Perspectives,” the role of cross cultural influences is reported in essays: (1) “Quality Criteria Shifts in One Century of Art Education in Dutch Primary Schools” (Vera Asselbergs; Aaltje Knoop); (2) “Walter Smith’s Influence in Brazil and the Efforts by Brazilian Liberals to Overcome the Concept of Art as an Elitist Activity” (Ana Mae Barbosa); (3) “The History of Art Education in Egypt” (Mahmoud El-Bassiouny); (4) “It Is What One Does That Counts: Developments in Swedish Art Education” (Ulla Bonnier); (5) “The Changing Face of Australian Art Education: New Horizons or Subcolonial Politics?” (Doug Boughton); (6) “The History of Art Education in Chile” (Luis Errazuriz); (7) “Art Education in Eastern Europe from 1945 to 1991” (Bogomil Kariavaris); (8) “Development of Art Education in Czechoslovakia” (Jaromir Uzdil); (9) “Development and Problems of Art Education in Modern Japan” (Kazumi Yamada); and (10) “The Basic Design Movement in British Education” (Richard Yeomans). “Part II: Projects and Prospects” reports on contemporary trends in art education. Articles include: (11) “The Fourth Good: Observation on Art Education in China” (Barbara Carlisle); (12) “The Leonardo Project: Prospects for Hungarian Art Education” (Andrea Karpati); (13) “Art Education in Zimbabwe: A Review of the Present Position and Suggestions for Development” (John Lancaster); (14) “Present Trends in German Art Education” (Lois Petrovich-Mwaniki); (15) “Art and Design Education in South Africa” (W. R. Philip); (16) “Art, Craft, and Design Education in Great Britain” (John Steers); and (17) “Diversity of Socio-Educational Functions of Art in the Modern World: View From Poland” (Irena Wojnar). “Part III: Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Issues” presents: (18) “The Arts in a Multicultural Society” (Brian Allison); (19) “Old-New Land: Cultural Integration and Polyaesthetic Education in Modern Israel” (Hanan Bruen); (20) “Many Cultures, Many Arts: A French Experience” (Marie-Francoise Chavanne); (21) “A Multicultural Curriculum in Scotland” (Arthur Hughes; Nick Stanley; John Swift, Eds.); (22) “Peace Education though Art: Study of Conflict and Nordic Paradise” (Heta Kauppinen); (23) “American Contemporary Art in Japanese School Art: Play Activity in the 1980s” (Akio Okazaki); (24) “An Exploratory Microethnographic Study of Art Teaching in One Navajo Public School System: The Anglo View of Running Water” (Mary Stokrocki); and (25) “Cultural Identity and Realization Through the Arts: Problems, Possibilities, and Projections in Nigeria” (Solomon Irein Wangboje). (MM)

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