NOTICE OF World Alliance for Arts Education VENUE CHANGE


December 3-6, 2016
Moving from Beijing to West Lake of Hangzhou City
Great news! We are updating everyone on the WAAE official registration (detail of the official registration and in order to meet the technology and facility requirements of the presentation and workshops after we evaluated the first round of proposals and in addition to the new support from CSE of MOE to ensure the success of the event, we officially upgrade the venue to Zhejiang Conservatory of Music located in West Lake of Hangzhou City (A full view of the venue: the support of CSE , where has the most state of arts performing facilities and one of the most beautiful and modern cities in China and it has the capacity to provide board and accommodation
Specific information about the accommodation: so that it saves you time and enjoy the beautiful campus. The schedule will remain the same (however it may subject to some updates). As a result, we will extend our deadline of proposal to the 26th of July.
People who have already sent the proposals please reconfirm your participation by sending the email to or and we will also have you updated through the email as well. For more detailed information, please check our website:

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