USSEA Congress 2015: an Inclusive world

InSEA Endorsed USSEA Congress 2015: an Inclusive world

Join us for a gathering of local, national and international museum curators and educators, cultural arts programs directors, teachers and professors of the arts, and gallery owners and artists.

See all conference programming and register (which includes two days of breakfast and lunch) at:


2 responses to “USSEA Congress 2015: an Inclusive world

  1. My participation a la Conférence régionale au Queens Museum de New York, du 17,19, 2015. organiser par The United States Society for Education Through the Arts (USSEA) . Participants explore a variety of workshops, presentations and panels on the three-day conference to provide an in-depth investigation into aid and effective and innovative ways to reach diverse populations.
    As an artist and educator, what were my first workshop facilitation experience in a museum context was full of surprises and fascination in my approach and animate the participants. For me it was the first time I presented a workshop in a museum context and I discovered a different approach to my workshop. I then put my emphasis on the role of facilitator by suggesting research avenues, guiding participants through the process and associate myself simultaneously with their discovery. The response was most surprising. The enthusiasm of the participants expressed their desire to know, to explore, discover in a context of relaxation, harmony and collegiality …. We felt the enthusiasm and the most varied emotions. ‘This is magic !!!’ exclaimed several well calling the phenomenological approach which essentially combines the light, filters and technology. When checking their search on the light table, the excitement was at its height. The magic takes place to the appearance of color!
    The source is the light that re-structured produces millions of colors by superposition and reflection of light rays encompassing all colors of the solar spectrum. Polarizing filters used in film, theater and TV- here become only a support and not a creative tool. It was the intervention of the artist who changes the parameters of research and development. I understand the ambient excitement I felt myself on seeing the composition and decomposition of colors and arduous work of the participants. Participants were fascinated by both the simplicity of the process and the possibility of developing this approach and to discover new avenues virtually limitless in their school context.
    The workshops covered the education, culture, the environment, nature of the methodology, various thematic in arts education. Exploring social issues through the arts, using recycling and recovery through the arts. Bringing methodological proposals and strategic learning in museums, the development of urban art studio art that engages artists as a resource for students of primary and secondary. Of thought has inTaiwan aesthetics. The New York Hall of Science museum we present a workshop on how to cover the science, INGENERIE, arts and mathematics. An international tool for the art offers educators the International INSEA organization a learning tool for educators in art. This conference will look as mentioned above means that participants could share resources, knowledge and expertise to enrich their respective disciplines. The workshops covered the visual arts in its many aspects is the didactic and educational approach on this new way to host communities. The opening and the adaptation of museums to the growing needs of the various ethnic groups in the community. Through all these workshops the conference exceeded expectations museum in regard to trade and means proposed by the various stakeholders. who also gave their broad vision internationally on issues to resolve the difficulties to approach various communities to be more involved in cultural activities in their community. So exchanges on approaches and strategies friendliness meetings and workshops that the museum makes available to stakeholders.

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