The 5th World Chinese Art Education

Theme:Creative Art Education in the Big Data Era
2015 年11 月15 日-2015 年11 月18 日
主办单位:华东师范大学 世界华人美术教育协会
Organizers:East China Normal University
The World Chinese Art Education Association
Venue:East China Normal University(North Zhongshan Road Campus)
The theme aims to provide a platform for Chinese art educators, art educators,
and art professionals worldwide to discuss and reflect on current issues in
international art education. We hope to share dialogue, innovative ideas, and
successful examples that are practiced in various countries and regions in Art
Education to advance the development of Chinese and global art education.
2015 年第五届世界华人美术教育大会
The 5th World Chinese Art Education
会议议题(Discussion Topics):
▲美术教育与社会( Art Education and Society)
▲美术教育与文化理解研究( Art Education Research and Culture Studies)
▲创意美术课程与教学研究(Creative Curriculum and Pedagogies in Art Education)
▲跨学科的美术教育研究(Integrating art education research)
▲美术教育与科技发展(Art education and technology)
▲美术教育评价体系研究(Assessment in Art Education)
▲美术教师教育的新发展(New developments in art teacher preparation)
▲美术教育的新空间(New space for art education )
The 5th World Chinese Art Education Symposium Committee
March 15, 2015

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