Collaborative Practices in Room 13

Room 13 Studio Network

This piece is based on a presentation made by Shani Ali, with contributions from Lauren Lloyd and Paul Bradley, at: Collaborative Practices in Arts Education – International Journal for Art & Design Education conference, on 24th October 2014.

I am a visual artist, educator and director of Room 13 Hareclive. Our studio is based in the grounds of Hareclive Academy (primary school) in Hartcliffe south Bristol in the UK. We are the flagship Room 13 studio in England and one of the longest running in the wider network of studios around the world.

11 years down the line at Hareclive we have our 11th Management Team – a group of year 5’s and 6’s (9 to 10 year olds) that are at the heart of running the art studio that is used by hundreds of children. Room 13 is a project synonymous with the words child–led; an independent artists’…

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