Grigaliūnaitė, Gedutė (2004)

Research title: Paauglių estetinės refleksijos ugdymas dizainu

Research title in English: The Development of Teenagers’ Aesthetic Reflection by Design

Languge: Lithuanian

Abstract: The aesthetics of material environment grounded on design influences us. We are sensitive to space (to its certain volume); it influences our psychological state. Everyone of us encounters material environment as a user, perceiver or creator. Modern teenager finds it quite difficult to perceive himself and his relation with the surrounding reality or the forms of reality. It is even quite difficult to tell what is material environment. Modern technologies can easily present fiction, imitation as a reality, which we start trusting, perceive and live in. The man communicates with the environment and information. His imagination has to start to evaluate, form and change the material environment in a creative way, employing cognitive, logical and emotional processes. Design as designing of material environment, artistic constructing, creation of aesthetic appearance combines art, science and technics. Aesthetic cognisance is significant in its evolutionary sense too, because it enables to model and describe internal and external world, which surely would be impossible to represent just in the rational way. Aesthetic value describes the so-called object, on one hand as the totality of peculiarities and various relations, and on the other hand, as the relation of those peculiarities and the man with the environment (natural, social, material). This research work provides a broader analysis of aesthetic reflection of design as one of the types of aesthetic activities. Design… [to full text]

Summary in English:


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