Kabiito, Richard

Research title: Meaning-making in visual culture : the case of integrating Ganda indigenous knowledge with contemporary art practice in Uganda.

Helsinki : Aalto University School of Art and Design, 2010.
– (Aalto University School of Art and Design Publication Series. ISSN 0782-1832; 95).
– (Aalto University Publication Series of the School of Art and Design ISSN 0782-1832; 95.).
– (Taideteollisen korkeakoulun julkaisusarja. ISSN 0782-1832 ; 95.).
– (Publication Series of the School of Art and Design. ISSN 0782-1832 ; 95.).
– Diss. : Helsinki : Aalto-yliopiston taideteollinen korkeakoulu.
ISBN 9789526000015.

Subjects: konstfostran; folkkonst; nutidskonst; materiell kultur; kulturarv; folktradition; artefakter; kulturliv; konstliv; taidekasvatus; kansantaide; nykytaide; postmodernismi; aineellinen kulttuuri; kulttuuriperintö; kansanperinne; artefaktit; kulttuurielämä; taide-elämä; materiaalinen kulttuuri; kerronta – visuaalisuus; kerronta – vuorovaikutus; taideantropologia; kansanperinne – historia – Uganda; Itä-Afrikka; Uganda; ÷stafrika; Uganda;

–> Original record: http://linda.linneanet.fi/F/?func=direct&doc_number=005740354&local_base=fin01

Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to show how indigenous knowledge about form, patterns and colours can improve visual reading in certain communities. In other words storytelling is used as a communicative tool. The author is integrating Ugandan art forms into contemporary art practise. He uses the case Buganda in this study, but this system can be adapted in any community.


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