The Invisible Girl Project

The Invisible Girl is an international, Swedish-based and multi-disciplinary research project about gender, youth culture power and learning. Researchers and artists from 15 countries  offer a critical perspective to studies of girls and girlhood and extend common views of the contemporary girl and her situation. The main outcome is a  freely available, online publication where recent researchis  presented as chapters but also as artworks such as; poems, video, cartoons, digital imaging, photos and installations.


The Invisible Girl publication is available here   ( free of charge)

Frånberg, Gun-Marie, Hällgren, Camilla & Dunkels, Elza (Eds.) (2012) Invisible Girl. Umeå, Umeå University.
ISSN: 1652-6880
ISBN: 978-91-7459-462-1


Editors and Co-Authors

Professor Gun-Marie Frånberg,
PhD Camilla Hällgren,
PhD Elza Dunkels,

Department of Applied Educational Science Umeå University, Sweden


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