‘More than ever/ Más que Nunca’

Mas que nunca poster

Image in the poster : Xesús Carballido.”Home Mao”, 2012

‘More than ever/ Más que Nunca’ is an action research project aiming to promote arts education in the world , by using art  strategies to share and disseminate visual information for arts education advocacy in community settings.

The coordinators of the project are the members of the Research Group C3 , based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

‘This is an international action to foster more than ever arts in education , Send the card or poster . SPREAD OUT THE IDEA in digital format through email lists, social groups and similar or in printed form in supermarkets, schools, shopping malls , Parliaments, football stadiums , streets, squares, traffic lights , etc. .
And send us  feedback’
 C3. Santiago de Compostela, May 2012

Please download the poster   HERE  ,  or as a PDF Poster (PDF);  Print it and hang it out   in a public place.  If you want to send postcards  to your friends download here (card  side A  ; card side B)

in Portuguese


Card side  A

Card   side B

in Spanish




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