Drawing Network:

Bob Steele, Associate Professor Emeritus (art education) at the University of British Columbia, Canada, has recently self-published three books on behalf of the Drawing Network:
1) “The Drawing Path for Children”
2) “The Smith Ranch ‘After School’” (which deals fictionally with an arts program at the centre of the curriculum) and
3) “Stories from the Rebellion”, (the 1885 Native uprising on the prairies for older adolescents and adults).
He distributes these books at cost and believes they will be of interest to five disciplines within Faculties of Education: Philosophy of Education, Educational Psychology, Language Arts, Early Childhood Education, and Art Education. In addition, all three have sections that deal with expanded learning in Science and Social Studies. The overall ‘flavour’ is child centered and subject integrated. Visit http://drawnet.duetsoftware.net/ for more info on the Drawing Network.

Bob Steele is a dedicated and passionate believer in the power of drawing to advance learning, especially among young children.  While he is not trying to make money on his books, he is trying to advance several ideas:  1) drawing as a language medium in homes and schools is a reform long overdue, and 2) all three books offer practical suggestions for integrating the arts into the mainstream curriculum, another reform long overdue.

Visit http://drawnet.duetsoftware.net/ for more info on the Drawing Network


One response to “Drawing Network:

  1. The Preschool that I work in has been inspired by Bob’s work for the past four years. He is a wonderful person and I feel honored to have an email and snail mail relationship with him. We have begun an exchange at the end of the school year sharing the students work with him. His books are an invaluable resource! I encourage everyone to visit his website, down load the materials for the 30 minute draw, and read his books!

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